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Disability and Hand Capped

Men and women with disabilities have faced segregation yet they also want to be productive members in their societies. Being disabled shouldn’t be perceived or branded as shameful and as a disgrace.

Study of the population statistics in Uganda shows that there is an increase in the rate of disability. It shows that one out of every 30 people has a disability. It has also been noted that this increase in disability is more rampant among children. Unfortunately, in so many cases these children become victims of isolation, bullying and some are even used in human sacrifice rituals.


People who are disabled have always been looked at and stigmatized as a curse and as a symbol of bad luck, as the victims are in most cases, not in position to get the right medical, physical and emotional care that they need. In Uganda, most disabled children are abandoned by existing parents. Some are orphans with no parents, relatives, shelter or friends. These suffer terribly because they are looked at as outcasts in society and as people who cannot make it in life. This type of treatment has emotionally wounded the people more so the children, leaving them feeling very insecure, hopeless, abandoned, and rejected.

Wamu believes that disability is not inability, therefore it envisions in providing all the necessary assistance to people with disabilities. Such people especially in Uganda have been victimized and abandoned when it comes to providing jobs for them, and this can be evidenced with the overwhelming number of them becoming street beggars in Kampala city and this gives you a reflection of what’s happening all over the country.