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Metal Health

Wamu youth ministries is blessed with social workers, counselors, therapist, doctors  who provide services to different communities, helping people to overcome addictions, prevent suicide actions, as well as helping them to stabilize their mental status. These emotional disturbances, associated with managing stigma and living with the fear of violence and arrests usually disrupts their emotional health and lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress and fatal nervousness


Mental Illness Contributes significantly to the Global burden of disease and affects the productivity of Individuals worldwide. Around the world, more than 450 million people suffer from mental disorders and 1 in 4 people are expected to suffer from mental illness in their lifetime. This makes mental illness one of the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. 75% of the patients with mental illness live in low-income countries where access to the appropriate intervention is scarce.

In Uganda, mental health is recognized as a serious public health and development concern. A large percentage of the population has faced several predisposing factors like Traumatic events in armed conflicts, substance abuse, and domestic violence and neglected disorders. This has created an increased burden of mental illness with prevalence estimated at 35%.

While Wamu provide counseling sessions for women, children, youth as to help them overcome trauma, depression and anxiety associated with mental health.

Despite the progress, there are still existing challenges in the delivery of comprehensive mental health care. The challenge of Human Resource is one of the major challenges to the population of practicing psychiatrists. There is also lack of resources to support scaling of mental health services, awareness, and several Structural challenges. Mental Health Uganda These challenges require initiative and collaboration with individuals, agencies, institutions and development partners that are keen to advance equitable access to mental Healthcare, and Wamu looks forward to joining hands to extend this service to the population.