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It is known that 30% of all the patients that admit to hospitals in Uganda are fighting drug addiction. And it’s because of this that Wamu came in to offer treatment and rehabilitation services to alcohol and drug addicts with the aim of transforming them into responsible people who can support their families. Uganda is ranked among the leading countries in alcohol consumption and this is connected to the historical challenges that some parts of the country have gone through. For example the war in northern Uganda which left many people with both, external and internal wounds. This requires a longer period of time and good rehabilitation services to have a proper healing, The organization works hand in hand with different healthy institutions.

​The inpatient clients are admitted at the rehab center for a treatment, counseling and rehabilitation program which takes between three and six months. Detoxification treatment” is administered to safely rid the body of alcohol while reducing chances of withdrawal symptoms such as changes in sleep patterns, shaking, loss of appetite and hallucinations. It may take the form of tabs or injections and is administered by a psychiatrist or other medical personnel.

After detoxification, the client receives other therapies such as cognitive therapy, whose goal is to correct wrong thought patterns and group therapy where clients share their experiences and learn from one another.

The patients are taught life skills, self awareness, decision making, stress management skills and how to remain sober. Experiential therapy, which employs art, dance, music etc helps especially introverts express unconscious thoughts and experiences. On the whole, the residential treatment takes a minimum of three months.

NOTE: In this process, “Families must be supportive and not put high expectations on the patients, learn to build trust and be patient with them,” we advise that the family doesn’t keep any drugs, alcohol in their house and that alcoholics shouldn’t be availed with substantial amounts of money. But ultimately, the rehabilitation center can only do 10 per cent of the work, the 90 per cent is the work of  the patient to change and regain control of their lives. Recovery is a lifelong walk which must be taken one step at a time and support them day in day out.