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Wamu  is being a role models for the young people who lost their hope, , teenage mothers, orphans {vulnerable people} and they are doing so in order to challenge the associated social stigma through showing compassion, love, care and support. This will in return inspire action by community activists and policy makers improve lives, impact



Child Education

The Child Sponsorship program provides a long-term opportunity to make a difference in the life of an African child who otherwise might not have the chance to receive a quality education. The program’s current focus is in Uganda, where you can decide to sponsor a needy boy or girl in an age category of your

Health Education

Uganda’s burden of disease is dominated by communicable diseases, which account for over 50% of illness and death. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB and respiratory diseases, diarrhea, epidemic-prone and vaccine-preventable diseases is the leading causes of illness and death. There is also a growing burden of non-communicable diseases. A combined team of medical professionals, skillful coordinators, and

Career Guidance

Wamu strongly believes that guiding children, youth makes them better people in future. The community people more so the youth may be in the process of choosing a stream or a career, deciding whether or not they should change careers, many who are hopeless and feel they can not amount to anything. This program gives

Outreach and Donation

Every after four month, groups of talented and committed member of Wamu meet these children where they are. Wamu Outreach teams are made up of young adults who are passionate about making the world a better place for everyone, in doing so they are acting as role models for the young people who lost hope,

Metal Health

Wamu youth ministries is blessed with social workers, counselors, therapist, doctors  who provide services to different communities, helping people to overcome addictions, prevent suicide actions, as well as helping them to stabilize their mental status. These emotional disturbances, associated with managing stigma and living with the fear of violence and arrests usually disrupts their emotional


Wamu provides greatly needed healthcare services to the communities through mobile medical clinics to areas that would otherwise not receive it; this improves on the standards of living as a result of better overall health among the community people. Wamu youth ministries provides a number of medical programs and assistance in different communities in Uganda


It is known that 30% of all the patients that admit to hospitals in Uganda are fighting drug addiction. And it’s because of this that Wamu came in to offer treatment and rehabilitation services to alcohol and drug addicts with the aim of transforming them into responsible people who can support their families. Uganda is ranked

Disability and Hand Capped

Men and women with disabilities have faced segregation yet they also want to be productive members in their societies. Being disabled shouldn’t be perceived or branded as shameful and as a disgrace. Study of the population statistics in Uganda shows that there is an increase in the rate of disability. It shows that one out