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Our Story

The word “wamu” means “togetherness” in the native Luganda language. In 2012 we started this beautiful cause, continuing to work with vulnerable groups. Desire to see lives transformed, relationships restored, and communities changed prompted Muwanguzi Emish to share his vision and dream with Rachael and Esther, they formed wamu and later the team grew.
His experience of growing up in an orphanage home and doing mission outreaches presented him with the opportunity to learn a lot, witnessing first-hand challenges and difficulties that many people are facing. Witnessing astonishing levels of poverty within the communities and the most affected were children and women. There were no schools, so kids stayed home doing all sorts of jobs; what many of us would consider child labor. Often parents forced young girls into early marriages with older men just because they wanted bride price and formulating an organization was the solution to address these challenges.

We started with one kid, and we are now serving over 3000 children during our missions, providing education to some and developing them, equipping them with skills to become productive leaders of tomorrow and we have seen lives transformed, inspired and communities develop through the activities of Wamu. The spirit of never giving up and always believing, regardless of the present situation, is what sustained our humble beginning. It’s a lesson I partly learned from the people we meet in the communities we serve – people who even in hard times — always believed that someday day life would get better.

“Looking back right now, I see no way this service could have turned out the way it has. We are humbly reminded that it’s been collective efforts of a lot of people from different backgrounds to coming together for a significant cause”.
We have the power to change this world and create one that we dream of.